Property management

Management Plan

"You do nothing. We will do everything for your community "

The community management is assumed by the company that will entrust all the tasks incumbent by law to chosen administrator and perform all the decisions taken at the Meeting Owners.

Reception of Estate:

Recepción de la finca


Contracting Services


Financial and accounting services




Free legal support


Cleaning plan

Rincón Inmobiliario has an exclusive service for the communities it manages. This service is based on knowledge of the needs of each community of owners, both with regard to the use of cleaning products, such as the criteria and ways of carrying out the cleaning of buildings.
The products used cleaned and disinfected, keeping the good appearance of the materials. The cleaning is carried out by skilled workers, following the methods and rules established by the listing Rincon Inmobiliario, and proven over time to ensure the quality of the service.
In each community it will be held a cleanup plan, contemplate always small details such as: exterior cleaning of wooden doors, frames, mail boxes, ashtrays, ceilings, walls and baseboards, lamps, switches and others.
The entrance of each building is like the "living" splash home, and being a common area of great use, requires special treatment against wear, scratches and stains that is subject to daily.

home, and being a com uacuten area & large upgrade & oacute; n, requires special treatment against wear, scratches and stains that is subject to daily.
Always check that the poor condition of the stone entrance hall proceed to vitrification.
A careful building, clean and well maintained, is undoubtedly a factor valuation of each property.

Maintenance Plan

"We maintain the building as a new one "

This plan provides a weekly community facilities inspection, making the necessary repairs in the following areas:

Services provided:



Security systems




The Maintenance Plan includes all necessary labor, materials being charged separately.
In urgent situations communicated to management of the Community will make the repairs within 48 hours (jobs requiring special media for access is excluded).

Super plan

Cleaning + Maintenance + Management

This plan offers Community of propery owner a set of integrated services designed to optimize the management of the community with a high standard of quality in the provision of services, always with the lowest cost.
Service plans include:
Management plan
Maintenance plan
Cleaning plan

Super + Plan

Cleaning + Maintenance + Management + Porter

Quality of life in their community. Enjoy unparalleled comfort. It is a comprehensive plan designed for the welfare of the Community of owners.
Planes de servicio incluidos:
Service plans include: Management plan
Maintenance plan
Cleaning plan
Porter service (delivery of fresh bread, newspaper and magazine in the morning)

Accounting plan

It is a plan of services designed to assist the Community in the exercise of their functions, without replacing it. Services provided: Modeling calls for owners meetings
Creation of annual budget and calculating the value of the shares
Creation of state fee payment. ssuance and send notices to pay fees
Issuance of collection letters for arrears. Payment of fees through direct debit
Processing all accounting documentation. Development of balances

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