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AZAHAR TENERIFE S21 S.L, will not be responsable for any information and contents stored, statment , fórum, chats, blogs, coments, social media, or any other medio that is permited by third party publishers on independent way on AZAHAR TENERIFE S21 S.L. web site. However to comply with the article 11 and 16 of the law LSSICE, AZAHAR TENERIFE S21 S.L., will endeavour to indentify and remove any content that is in contravention with national or international legislation, and moral/public order breeches. On removing the third party link from our website we will report to the compitent authorities all such relevent details. In all of the cases where the user identifies content on the website that is consider by them to be inapropriate the should notify the administration of the web site inmediantly using the contact us form.

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AZAHAR TENERIFE S21 S.L., is deeply commited with compliance to the spanish normative for the proteccion of personal information and data and we guarantee the full compliance to these obligations willingly, as well as to carry out the security measures neccesary to comply with the article 9 of the law 15/1999, of Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal (LOPD) and in the Reglamento de Desarrollo de la LOPD.

AZAHAR TENERIFE S21 S.L., makes available to the users the Política de Privacidad of our Company, informing the users about the following aspects: • Responsable treatment of Data • Data Treaties • Storage of files • Fair treatment • Obligations to provide data and the consecuences of not providing data • Users right and processes


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For any kind of possile infringements of the rights of intelectual or industrial Property within any of the contents of the web site, these should be notified to us thourgh the following contact from.


Fort he resolution of all disputes or issues related to this web site or activities in the developed of it, Spanish legislation will be applicable at all times. Such issues should be submitted for resolution by all parties concerned to the relevant and competent jurisdiction in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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